The Beast in the Jungle by Clara Van Gool

THE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE is a film adaptation of Henry James’ 19th century novella of the same name. Set in a remote English country mansion and stretching from the Jamesian era to a globalised present-day setting, the film uses dance to recount the epic and unconventional love story of John Marcher (Dane Jeremy Hurst) and May Bartram (Sarah Reynolds). During a chance encounter ten years after first meeting, May reminds John that he once revealed to her a deep and menacing conviction that his life would be defined by a life-changing experience – one that was waiting for him “like a Beast in the Jungle.” Intrigued by his continued belief in this foreboding secret, May decides to stay by John’s side and soon develops feelings of genuine love for him. John is not able to reciprocate her devotion, preferring instead to resume his shallow life as a travelling businessman. Only when it’s too late, does John realize that the beast had already sprung in the jungle of his life.

Title The Beast in the Jungle
Type Upcoming titles
Genre Literary Adaptation / Drama / Dance / Love Story
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 87 min

Dane Jeremy Hurst
Sarah Reynolds
Claire Johnston

Directed by Clara Van Gool
Produced by

Amour Fou Luxembourg

Nationality Netherlands
Original title The Beast In The Jungle
Release year 2018


Clara van Gool receives Honory Award

KeyFilm congratulates director Clara van Gool on her prestigious Honorary Award which she received last night on the International Dance Film Festival Choreoscope in Barcelona, Spain. The award was given to Van Gool by choreographer/performer Jordi Cortés Molina, with whom she is currently working on her first feature The Beast in the Jungle.

Picture Tree Picks Up Clara van Gool’s ‘The Beast in the Jungle’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Berlin-based sales agent Picture Tree Intl. has picked up “The Beast in the Jungle,” a dance-based romantic drama adapted from Henry James’ novel by Dutch writer-director Clara van Gool, who won the Emmy Award for performing arts for “Enter Achilles.”