Kingdom of Sweden by Peter Dalle

A young couple, Joseph and Mary, make their way through the desert on a northbound journey to Sweden – the land of opportunities. At the very same time, an older couple sets out from the ‘promised land’ on a southbound journey
in search of youth, a toned body and a great tan. KINGDOM OF SWEDEN is a present-day comedy that follows these and several other characters in their struggle to achieve happiness, all the while exploring
how our society deals with the problems those struggles create.

Title Kingdom of Sweden
Type Upcoming titles
Genre Comedy
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 90

Claes Månsson
Johan Ulveson
Peter Dalle
Björn Gustafsson
Nour El-Refai
Sanna Sundkvist
Suzanne Reuter
Henrik Dorsin

Directed by Peter Dalle
Produced by

Patrick Ryborn

Nationality Sweden
Original title Lyrro
Release year 2018