Killing Stella by Julian Pölsler

To  take  up  her  studies  in  the  city,  shy  and  introvert  Stella  is  set  up  with  Anna’s family by her mother in order to live in Anna‘s house. Anna and her successful lawyer husband Richard take her in hesitatingly and also their only teenage son does  not  embrace  Stella’s  presence.  Despite  her  initial  hesitations  Anna recognises Stella’s hidden beauty and buys her clothes that turn Stella into an attractive young women. Richard also notices her transformation and seduces Stella  who  gives  in  and  briefly  seems  to  bloom  in  this  hidden  and  guilty  
relationship. When Anna finds out about their affair she is unable to confront as is her son who had already found out earlier and both remain silent. Even after Richard finally spurns and forsakes a pregnant and desperate Stella Anna and her son remain silent, with Stella becoming their joint victim.

KILLING  STELLA  (“Wir  töten  Stella”)  is  based  on  the  novel  by  Austrian  writer Marlen Haushofer, who also wrote THE WALL (“Die Wand”). KILLING STELLA is an ice-cold examination of a failed marriage and the self-reproach of a wife and mother. It is a prequel to THE WALL in both literary and cinematic terms.

Title Killing Stella
Type Current Titles
Genre Drama
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 90

Martina Gedeck
Matthias Brandt
Mala Emde

Directed by Julian Pölsler
Produced by


Nationality Austria
Original title Wir töten Stella
Release year 2017